Who is Bellisio Foods?

Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, Bellisio Foods, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of frozen meals. Bellisio Foods makes products sold under its Michelina’s®, EAT!, SO RIGHT® and SNAKMANDOOTM brands, in addition to licensed brands Boston Market®, Eating Well®, Chili’s and Atkins. Products include single-serve entrees, multi-serve meals, snacks and appetizers sold in supermarkets and other retail grocers across North America. More than 2 million Bellisio meals are enjoyed every day! To learn more, visit

What is SO RIGHT®?

With SO RIGHT® our mission started with an honest-to-goodness truth: We set out to create a meal that tastes good, has real ingredients and consistently delivers above your expectations. Every meal we created was crafted to give you a fresh flavor combination with an exciting flavor twist.

What is the nutritional profile of SO RIGHT®?

SO RIGHT® was created to give consumers a well-balanced meal that is full of flavor. Our entrees do not contain high-fructose corn syrup, or added trans-fat. All of our meals provide you with either a good or excellent source of protein (11+grams), a good or excellent source of Vitamin C, and less than 400 calories. Please visit for more nutritional information on all of our varieties!

 What types of SO RIGHT® frozen entrees are available in the frozen aisle?

SO RIGHT® currently has twelve 8.5 – 9.0oz single-serve frozen entrees, including Sriracha Chicken Mac & Cheese, Chicken Burrito Bowl, Creamy Chicken Corn Casserole and many more! With so many varieties to choose from we know you’ll find a meal that you’ll enjoy. Try one today and taste the honest-to-goodness truth of a meal that could only be called SO RIGHT® .

Do you have any gluten-free SO RIGHT® frozen products?

We do not claim that any of our products are gluten-free. Individual sensitivity to gluten varies, and we cannot be certain that gluten is not present in our products, even those that are rice-based or made without the addition of wheat.

I followed the cooking instructions, but my meal is still cold. What should I do?

Microwave ovens often vary in power, so you may need to heat it for a bit longer. If your entrée is still cold, continue to heat in 30 second increments until it reaches 165°F.

Can I cook this in a conventional oven?

Sorry, SO RIGHT® products are not designed to cook well in a conventional oven. If you have one of our entrées, we think you’ll be impressed with the results from cooking it in a microwave!

Do you have any coupons available?

We are committed to delivering the highest quality food at the best possible prices. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and check out periodically to get the latest deals, news and offers for SO RIGHT® frozen entrées.

Is it safe to heat and eat my SO RIGHT® frozen entrée once it is thawed?

Unfortunately, you should throw out your meal if it has completely thawed. Depending on the time and temperature of the thawing process, the quality and food safety of any frozen product might be compromised. Please grab another SO RIGHT® entrée, heat it up, and enjoy!

What if I have a problem with my food?

Please call us at 1-866-767-4448 (M-F) or Contact Us.