Real & Honest Goodness

With SO RIGHT®, our mission started with an honest-to-goodness truth: We set out to create a meal that tastes good, has real ingredients and consistently delivers above your expectations. We feel good about what we have to offer. And that’s the honest truth.

We know you expect a lot from what you eat. Make a decision that’s SO RIGHT®

We make our meals with real ingredients, so it is easier for you to be really good.

We use only fresh-tasting ingredients to put an emphasis on a healthier lifestyle.

Experience flavors
with the right
amount of twist.

It’s all about the taste. We created every single meal with the idea that it must be full of flavor. With the carefully selected combinations of fresh-tasting ingredients and exciting flavor twists, we’re making mealtime the right time for something you’ll truly enjoy.

All the goodness
at an unexpectedly
low price.

It may all sound too good to be true. Believe us, we thought the same thing when we tried it for ourselves. But the truth is we have a meal that has real ingredients and full flavor at an unexpected price. Experience it for yourself and find out why it could only be called SO RIGHT®.